Officers and Committee Chairs

Formal management of the club resides with a non-profit corporation.

Mike Sears is the president.  Pam Ziegel is the vice-president.

Bernadette Burkhardt, Dave Deal, Linda Dawson, Larry Willis and Allison White are board directors, as are Pam and Mike.

The board has regular and special meetings to conduct its business, and is elected annually at a July meeting of members of the non-profit corporation.  Any ACBL member may be a member of the non-profit corporation and participate in the July meeting.  

Annual dues for corporation membership are $50, payable prior to July 1.  

All who play at the club are considered club members.  No annual dues are required.

Non-Profit Corporation Management


  • President/Board Director - Mike Sears

  • Vice-President/Board Director - Pam Ziegel

  • Board Director - Bernadette Burkhardt

  • Board Director - Linda Dawson

  • Board Director - Dave Deal

  • Board Director - Allison White

  • Board Director - Larry Willis

President Mike Sears giving one of his "Ask Mike" lessons.

Committee Chairs

  • Gardening  -  Jan Coltman

  • Rovers -  Bernadette Burkhardt

  • Get Well/Sympathy Card  -  Sally Stump
  • Hospitality - Jeannette Aspenleiter and Janice                              Smolinski

Where to Find Us

2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey~ Behind Lowes ~


Phone Answered During

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Email Address


Petoskey Bridge Club

2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey (behind Lowes) ~ 231.622.8001 ~ ~