Week of Monday January 20.  Game time is 12:30 p.m.


  • Monday  - No game

  • Tuesday  - 199er section and Open section

  • Wednesday - No game 

  • Thursday - Open section

  • Friday - 199er section and Open section

2020 Tournament Schedule ​ - ​​​Click HERE for a complete listing of District 12 tournaments.

Holiday Luncheon - What a great turnout!.  Seventy-four (74) of you braved the wintry weather to celebrate the holidays with a wonderful lunch, fellowship and a bridge game.   Thanks to all of you.  And a special thanks to our hospitality committee led by Jeannette Aspenleiter and Janice Smolinski.  Check out these photos!!!

The Petoskey Bridge Club is northern Michigan's center for learning to play bridge and loving to play bridge. We are the second most active club in the state in terms of number of tables played each year. Come to our lovely clubhouse to win masterpoints or to study modern conventions and tactics or just to be a part of a unique experience.

We offer ACBL-sanctioned games throughout the year with chances for extra masterpoints and silver points. We have classes for people who are raw beginners and a once-a-week hour-long session intended to introduce our members to new ways of thinking about bidding and play. We welcome players of all ages and abilities.

We believe strongly in mentoring; we have regular events in which our more experienced players are partnered with less experienced ones for a friendly day of competition that can lead to new regular partnerships at similar skill levels.

Our  clubhouse is devoted exclusively to bridge. Built in 2009 through the generosity of two key members, Jean and Shirley Carpenter, and of nearly 100 other members, it includes an open room that comfortably seats over 100 players, a kitchen, library and rest rooms. We are a not-for-profit corporation, and we rely on our member volunteers for a host of services.

Our mission is to provide individuals opportunities to enjoy the competition of an ACBL-sanctioned game of duplicate bridge, and opportunities to improve their own skill via play and lessons, while socializing with one another in a welcoming, friendly environment. We recognize the various levels of skill and confidence of our players, and agree that this mission statement applies to the novice/intermediate level players as well as the more experienced.

Winter Closing Policy

We are closed when Petoskey's North Central Michigan College campus is closed.  You can check their webpage here.


Zero Tolerance Policy

We are a welcoming community, a mix of novices, intermediates and advanced players who respect each other and grow through our common interest in the world's finest card game. We compete hard, but we enforce the Zero Tolerance Policy. We don't allow bad behavior, but rather we try to advance each other's understanding of the challenges and satisfactions of the game.

Where to Find Us

2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey~ Behind Lowes ~


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Petoskey Bridge Club

2144 Cemetery Road, Petoskey (behind Lowes) ~ 231.622.8001 ~

petoskeybridgeclub.com ~ petoskeybridgeclub@gmail.com